We are sociologists, business economists, biologists, statisticians, nutritionists, retail experts, foreign language correspondents, … and we are all passionate about market research. Trade is our favourite research field, with the customer at the absolute centre of it. While it is incredibly exciting to be at the centre of developing systematic market research with high quality routines, we are working daily on innovative, creative, digital, AI-based and insight-oriented instruments to understand the consumer even better, to predict their behaviour more precisely and to provide the retail industry with valuable data and information. We are surveyors, data generators, data analysts, data scientists, industry experts and consultants.

IWD Insights is our blog where we write about the issues that move us, the solutions we work on and the ideas that inspire us. It is about retail, analytics, digitalisation, and sector-specific changes as well as all the fun such transformations may bring.

Our authors:

Marcus Körner

I am the founder of the IWD Market Research Institute, responsible for strategy and innovation in the company. My duties involve working with the colleagues from our Business Intelligence Department, Data Analysis and Project Management on new ideas, solutions, services and products. What fascinates me most is the combination of technology and market research methodology. We are living in a fascinating period full of socio-cultural upheavals and technological innovations, changing consumer behaviour and occasionally radical disruptive change. In these exciting times, our knowledge as market and trend experts is in great demand. My main interest lies in processes, industries and technologies in transition.

You can find all my blogposts here.

Eleonora Paul

I am a business analyst at the IWD Market Research Institute. With my colleagues from the Business Intelligence Department, I evaluate data for our customers and prepare studies with concrete recommendations for action. It is great when we bring numbers to life and weave them into a story about the consumer. Since we work primarily for the retail sector, our research is firmly planted in the everyday life. This is why I keep questioning myself on my motives again and again while shopping or just strolling along the shop fronts. In my case, window shopping takes place between the aisles. On top of my day job, I am always on the lookout for new ideas in market research and can always test them out at our company. It never gets boring!

You can find all my blogposts here.